History of ESP

Excel Sports Performance was developed by Victor Barrick, founder. For over four decades, Vic has developed his unique training method. Victor’s training was based upon the principles of resistance, over-speed, and reaction applied on a sport-specific, movement-specific basis. During his time, training was based upon conditioning and strength training like the “Bigger, Faster, and Stronger Program.” The B.F.S Programs were believed to be the exclusive and superior technique’s to building Bigger, Faster, and Stronger athletes, while the only sport specific training was limited to “practice” or conditioning. Vic learned and realized that in most Conditioning Programs in the US, an athlete practiced the sport or position, but without specific training aids or attention to building explosiveness in the specific movements required to execute the movement within there position or competition. Even more importantly, Western methodology assumed under theory and was based off, that genetics played an exclusive role in human athletic potential, and that athlete’s natural speed and explosiveness could not be greatly altered or enhanced by any training technique or equipment. In short, Western Training believed an athlete was born “fast” or “slow” and very little could be done to improve speed and explosiveness. Speed and explosiveness were not viewed as a learned response or skill. After working with scores of athletes from multiple sports in the Early 80’s, he began to realize that speed and explosiveness can be developed. This revelation was the foundation based upon movement specific, sport specific, and position specific for the ESP Program. The ESP Program addresses specific movements required by a sport in a specific position, which enhances the athlete’s ability to execute those movements by making them faster, stronger, and improve in reaction time within those specific movements of the sport. The system today is recognized around the globe from a professional level that has trained numbers of NFL, NBA, MLB, ATP, WTA, MMA and PFL professionals. The system has also been implemented through a superior line of equipment that can only be found exclusively through ESP and has been sought after by many professional agencies around the world.

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